About Cleveland MetroBark

The Reality of Dog Day Care

Cleveland MetroBark was created to provide a fun and healthy social environment for dogs. The MetroBark staff is trained to supervise the dogs in a controlled environment to assist in their play. Dog daycare, much like daycare for children, presents certain inevitable risks and realities of dogs in group care. Our goal is to minimize these risks, but it is impossible to eliminate them. Please be aware of some of the risks that are outlined below.


Dogs play with their teeth; they grab each other by the neck, nibble on tails and paws. Therefore, injuries including nicks, scrapes, and puncture wounds will occasionally happen. Our employees are trained to anticipate any problems and to break up excessively rough play and serious fights as quickly and safely as possible. Cleveland MetroBark assumes no liability for any and all injuries that occur. Medical fees incurred from Gateway Animal Clinic for the care of your dog while s/he is at MetroBark (for an injury or illness) will be the sole responsibility of the dog owner.

Doggy Time-out

Cleveland MetroBark uses a variety of different “time-out” techniques to teach appropriate behavior which include:

  • Spray bottles with water
  • On floor “time-out” using a soft mesh muzzle for rough play, over stimulation, and excessive barking.
  • Off floor “time-out” in back kennel

Cleveland MetroBark exists because we love dogs and we respect their individuality and their limitations. It is our goal to provide a safe, clean environment for your furry friend to play and we will always treat your dog as if it was our own (and ours are spoiled). If you have any questions or concerns regarding MetroBark’s “time-out” procedures please ask to talk with one of our managers.


Cleveland Metrobark strives to insure the safety and health of all dogs in our daycare. Medical records for all dogs are kept on file to ensure that each dog has a thorough health exam every year, is current on all required vaccinations and on appropriate heartworm and flea prevention year round.

In addition to these requirements, we ask all owners to closely monitor their dog’s health and please keep them at home if they are not feeling well. In addition, the Metrobark staff has been trained to identify dogs that may not be feeling well and will separate such dogs from the group until they can be sent home.


All dogs that attend Cleveland MetroBark have been evaluated for aggression issues, however, there is always a potential for aggressive incidents to occur. It is our policy to immediately dismiss any dog that has been involved in an act of aggression based on the following criteria:

  • It was difficult for the staff to successfully intervene and separate the dog.
  • The incident resulted in a broken skin injury to another dog or staff member.
  • The dog continued to behave aggressively towards the other involved after a lengthy time out period.

MetroBark’s main goal is to ensure the safety and health of your dog as well as our staff; therefore, this policy is strictly enforced. In addition, the staff at MetroBark reserves the right to dismiss any dog based on behavioral problems affecting the daycare.