Staff Bios

Jillian Peters-Mazzarella

Hi! I’ve been with MetroBark since it first opened its doors in May of 2002.  I first came to MetroBark as a potential client for my dogs but after I walked through the door I was soon asking for a job application.  I was told they had no employment available but I said I would be back the next day to volunteer my help hoping that one day soon a position would open.  I was asked to join the team 2 weeks later and have been playing with dogs ever since.  On July 1st 2006 I became the proud new owner of MetroBark!  This was a dream come true for me as MetroBark and all its furry clients have become my heart and soul.  I am truly blessed and enjoy everyday I get up and come into MetroBark.

I currently live in Olmsted Falls with my husband Tony, our 3 year old daughter Lucia, our 1 and a half year old son Lucas, our 3 month old Stella and our dog, Poppy.  Thank you to all my family, friends, wonderful staff, past, current and future clients for their continued support over the years, MetroBark would not be here without you!

Wags and Licks,